R. Wolf Baldassarro is an American poet, writer, and columnist.
He has been a guest on radio, television, and internet podcasts; contributed to various third-party projects; and has material featured in literary publications such as the Mused Literary Review and Punchnel’s “Mythic Indy” anthology. In 2011, he founded Banned Books Awareness and Reading for Knowledge, an international literacy campaign and editorial column for World University.
A seasoned paranormal investigator, his most popular book to date is “A Ghost Hunter’s Field Guide;” and is the author of five other titles and a professional photograph gallery. In 2014 he added actor to his list of accomplishments and will appear in his first feature film as the villainous Klepto King in Aladdin 3477.
He has worked for over a decade in behavioral health and holds degrees in psychology and English. For more on his work and media contact information please visit his
official website at www.deepforestproductions.com.

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Isabel and I am a student at Colorado State University-Pueblo in Pueblo, CO. We are trying to start a Banned Book Club on campus that will concentrate on books that have been banned and the reasoning behind the ban. Our discussions will be based more on book content. I came across your page when looking up ideas for our club and found it very interesting and informative. Our club will be developing a facebook page and we like to add a link to your page as one of the resources that people can go to if they want more information regarding banned books. Please let me know if you would be okay with this.

    Thank you,
    Isabel Soto-Luna

    • Isabel,
      It’s an honor to meet you and I am completely humbled and honored that you would like to provide links to my website and my column for the World Education Network. Please send me links to your page once it is up so that I can share it with my readers.

      Thank You,

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